The Move Move Collaborative is a ten day movement intensive where artists come to Baltimore, MD to train together, eat together, and perform together.

All creative decisions are made by consensus. It is powerful work listening and being in dialogue with other artists about all the aspects of a performance. We create a safe space for voices to be respected and valued.

Movement performers who have participated: Erick Benitez, Theresa Columbus, Ariel Foster, Jake Freeman, Orlando Johnson, Jungwoong Kim, Taylor Knight, Elise Knudson, Kate O’Brien, Lynne Price, Peter Redgrave, Domineka Reeves, Cristal Sabbagh, Anna Thompson, & Matthew Williams.

Musicians who have performed with us: Zoe Bell, Andrew Bernstein, Chuck Bettis, David Crandall, Sarah Hughes, Bonnie Jones, Nicholas Melmann, Shakia Paylor, Elizabeth Prince, & Khristian Weeks.

This is the third year for Move Move Collaborative. Stay tuned for information regarding the 2019 session, June 15th to the 25th!

Pictured above from left to right and top to bottom – Theresa Columbus, Jake Freeman, Ariel Foster, Orlando Johnson, Erick Benitez, Cristal Sabbagh, and Peter Redgrave.